Setting your business communication goals for 2013–No diets needed

photo credit: paraflyer
photo credit: paraflyer

by Amanda Cleary Eastep

What is it about the start of a new year? A whole year of accomplishments–and mistakes–behind you, a year of possibilities–and challenges–ahead. 

Today I read a bit of wisdom on my iced tea bottle about setting a goal and courageously going after it. Courage is a good word, because sometimes we can allow circumstances to keep us from reaching even the most attainable goals for our businesses and for our lives. Moving through obstacles to achieve our goals definitely takes courage…and also a few cups of strong coffee. 

As you look to 2013, consider how external and internal communication initiatives can help you achieve your larger business goals. 

1. Lose “weight”–Reassess your marketing plan and decide which promotional efforts need to be cut (or increased). Losing weight can also be applied to the communications themselves. Is your website targeted and effective or rambling and full of errors? Contracting a freelance writer/editor to assess your web content and make improvements could be a great investment.

2. Exercise more–Everyone can benefit from a little coaching in communication. A writing coach can work with you and your team to shape up your written communication skills, which will in turn improve the quality of everything from your emails and proposals to your product descriptions and web content.

3. Spend more time with friends–Social media is booming and here to stay. Is this the year your company starts a Facebook page? Connects on LinkedIn? Tweets on Twitter? Pins on Pinterest? Again, some guidance from a professional would be helpful. You could also identify an employee capable of researching and investing time in building your social media presence.

4. Spend more time with family–As you re-evaluate your external communications, consider how you can enhance your internal communication. This could be as simple as sending helpful and encouraging emails to employees or starting an employee newsletter.

Think about it! (Courageously) reaching even one of these goals can help your business achieve its larger goals for 2013, such as…

  • raising awareness of your business in the community
  • reaching more prospects
  • increasing customer (and employee) retention and loyalty
  • providing a deeper level of customer service
  • making 2013 the best year ever for you and your business

Happy New Year!

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