Client Christmas (I mean “holiday”) gift ideas

ninjabread men
Cookie Cutter mold, Target

By Amanda Cleary Eastep

I like to skip the pre-packaged holiday baskets from the superstore when it comes to gift-giving season.

So what do you give your clients to thank them for their business? My rule of thumb is simple: What would I like to receive?

(OK, that’s not foolproof. Thankfully my most loyal client still continued to request work after I mailed that box of dried fruit.)

Client gift ideas

Handwritten card (w/o the awkward family portrait)–Granted I don’t have so many clients that I need to buy pre-printed holiday cards. But that also presents the perfect opportunity to send a card with a greeting and heartfelt note of thanks in my own hand (or my 5-year-old nephew’s since he has better handwriting.)

Food (the ‘undried’ variety)–I’m skipping the dried fruit this year and sending Shari’s Berries. They are a bit pricier but say “You’re worth chocolate-covered strawberries in the middle of winter.”

Something unique–Home-baked goods are not a good idea for obvious reasons, but I have never been so tempted as I have this year to send homemade Ninjabread men. What could be more fitting for a Word Ninja?

One for the team–Although I haven’t done this for clients, I did buy a “brood of chickens” for a group of colleagues. My interest in microfinance and the knowledge that all of these colleagues are very service minded made this a perfect gift. Other nonprofits offer similar opportunities, especially during the holidays, but that year I chose Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian international relief organization.

Do you send gifts to your clients on the holidays? If so, what gift-giving suggestions do you have?

4 thoughts on “Client Christmas (I mean “holiday”) gift ideas

  1. Those last two ideas are great. I think the key there is to do something that shows your appreciation AND matches the nature of the personal connection. Speaking of which, for the more easy going connection, an awkward family photo might be just the thing hah..


    1. Thanks for commenting, Joe! I love your point about the client connection. The choice of gift definitely depends on the intended recipient. If we truly know our clients, we can tailor the gifts to their personalities and interests. Personally, I love the awkward family photos. And I’m seriously considering the Ninjabread men.


  2. I love the Ninjabread men idea. LOVE IT! One year, I sent Christmas cards that a local charity made. It introduced the client to the charity and helped create a little awareness. They were cute and made by children, all the things that make Christmas special. 🙂


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