Off-Black Friday–A free gift to the first 3 “shoppers”

black friday

By Amanda Cleary Eastep

Just want the deal? Scroll down to the Giveaway!

Killer deals…and anarchy. That’s Black Friday for me. Or rather not for me.

How can I be in marketing and not see the value of Black Friday–and now Gray Thursday (ah, happy colors!)? I get it, of course, it’s about sales in the end, not feeding the hungry or contributing to world peace.

But retailers don’t have a monopoly on Black Friday. This week I saw an ad from a public relations business offering to write a complimentary press release with the purchase of two others. I realized Black Friday isn’t just about the 60 in. TV for $25.99 and a couple of broken fingers on the guy whose hands it was pried out of.

Putting the holiday back in Black Friday

But then I truly got inspired.

Fellow blogger and small business marketing professional Jo Lynn Deal at my Marketing Cafe (that name makes me crave a marketing plan and a blueberry scone) wrote this post. In it, she shares great ideas for ways small businesses can engage in Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday.

Holding an Off-Black Event and offering Giveaways were her first two suggestions. My hatred of Black Friday and my love of helping people made for a perfect combination in creating my very own event, just in time for the shopping–I mean holiday–season.

Off-Black Friday Giveaway of the Century (or at least of the next 15 minutes)

I am a freelance writer and editor. You can check out the services I offer, then take advantage of the following SLAMMIN’ DEAL. No lines, no elbows to the ribs!

1. Aforementioned Slammin’ Deal: 2 hours of complimentary (totally free) writing and/or editing services

2. How to get this deal: Be one of the first 3 people* to email me at Need website copy written? Your blog post edited? Email me with your request, and we will discuss what work can be accomplished within the time frame offered.

3. What’s the catch? There isn’t one. You are not obligated to purchase anything, and you will not be added to any contact lists. If you’re jumping for joy over the work I do for you, I ask only that you do so in front of other prospective clients.

Deal ends: December 31, 2013, or after the first 3 projects are accepted, whichever comes first. My friend asked if she could email three times in a row. No, Helena, no you cannot.

*NOTE: I reserve the right to choose projects, as I will only accept legitimate assignments and will not write your Renaissance literature essay on Spenser’s The Faerie Queene.

Not in need of these services now? Please share them with someone who might be!

Another way to receive…and to give back, too!

[This auction has ended. Congratulations to Wildrose Brewing Co.! Looking forward to working with you guys!]

Here’s another option.

You need writing and editing but are also interested in giving back to others simultaneously.

I have donated five hours of my services to Light and Leadership Initiative’s silent auction. That’s a value of $200-500 depending on the services you require. The opening bid is $75. You get your writing and editing accomplished, and amazing kids in the poorest areas of Peru get after-school activities that we hope will one day help break a generational cycle of poverty.

Read more about Light and Leadership Initiative!

Lara with kids

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    1. Hi Melanie!
      “Interesting” as in “he’s not handsome, doesn’t have a job, and lives with his mother” interesting? 🙂
      You have a great holiday, too, and thanks as always for commenting.


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