Spin Sucks: A book to help you manage your communication and reputation


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By Amanda Cleary Eastep

The doctor scanned the sheet with my personal information as he prepared to assess my pain management needs. His brow furrowed.

Uh oh. That’s a serious look, I thought.

So, you’re in PR?

Um, yes…

Public relations is just a lot of spin.

How was I supposed to respond? Was I supposed to apologize? Argue? Beg him not to give me a placebo in his righteous anger?

Actually, I agreed with him. PR spin does indeed suck. And being someone who most enjoys writing personal essays that often require me to be more transparent in order to connect with my readers, public relations writing can request the opposite.

But I’m fortunate to write for businesses of integrity that ask me to present them in a positive light but to do so honestly. I wouldn’t work for them otherwise.

Spin Sucks. And that’s why I was drawn over a year ago to Gini Dietrich’s Spin Sucks blog. This is gonna be good, I thought.

The blog was better than good. Besides consistently providing current, informational and honest posts about PR, marketing, social media and business, it also provided a community of like-minded people–not all from the PR industry.

Spin Sucks. It’s the truth. It’s a blog. And now it’s a book.

Gini Dietrich has taken all of her rich knowledge and experience and written a book for PR peeps and business owners trying to navigate the digital world. A world that presents the challenges of being heard above the noise, managing crisis communications and finding your way around the Google universe.

The book is divided into 4 main sections:

  1. Tell Your Story Without Sex or Extortion [My favorite chapter!]
  2. Scammers, Liars, and Beggars
  3. Your Brand; Your Customers
  4. Spin Sucks

As I mentioned, I love personal storytelling. I also feel good storytelling is imperative in business writing and social media. So when I began reading the book, I threw a little party the moment I spied the section “Tell Your Story without Spin.”

Then I read “Use the Formula of Fiction Writing to Tell Company Stories.”

Confetti throwing ensued.


Photo Credit: looking4poetry via Compfight cc

If you recall anything from 4th grade English class, it’s probably the rule “Show, don’t tell.” In this first section, and throughout the book, Gini gives real-world examples to illustrate her points. In addition, she offers steps that businesses can implement in their public relations efforts.

Gini defines and explains things like the changes to Google and the differences between earned and paid media.

She provides the “how-to” on keeping your blog fresh with shareable content, dealing with criticism, and shaping the perception of your brand by communicating with customers honestly, consistently and creatively.

Obviously this book is packed with information, and I’m only highlighting what most spoke to me as a public relations professional and small business person. So, of course, I encourage you to read it for yourself.

But I’m not simply touting a book. I’m supporting an author who I know knows her stuff. Who invites everyone into real and lively discussions every day. And who lives what she preaches. Spin Sucks.

Proud brand ambassador for Spin Sucks

Buy it, baby!



2 thoughts on “Spin Sucks: A book to help you manage your communication and reputation

  1. Exactly! And I love the phrase “I threw a little party.” I did that every time the book suggested that different departments of organizations work together in order to have a unified message! Sounds so simple, right? Spin Sucks is a great starting place!


    1. Thanks for reading! It has been very cool to experience reading and reviewing Spin Sucks with others and getting the different perspectives based on our professional experiences.


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