Sunday Drive: Work-life balance

Each Sunday I take a break from marketing to share something inspiring. Pass it on… 

Is there such a thing as work-life balance? Arianna Huffington discusses this in a recent US News post.

To me that means on one side of the scales we place work, and on the other side of the scales, life. But isn’t work part of our life? I prefer to think of it in terms of the quest to make the perfect spaghetti sauce. Sometimes we go a little heavy on the garlic, sometimes on the fresh basil.

How we blend work into the rest of our life depends on the season, the ingredients we have to work with, our preferences and who we need to “feed” in addition to ourselves.


One thought on “Sunday Drive: Work-life balance

  1. Well we saw that as we attended my 50th class reunion last nite…we are blessed to be in relatively good health…Many were there with canes and some electric carts , others not appearing to be in very good shape …still others have passed..
    I had a chance to reconnect with some graduates & exchange pleasantries….Still seeing one fellow i actually went to grade/high school school with also made me teary eyed…
    We are more determined than ever to spend each day enjoying life…go and do……the years are fleeting….


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