Sunday Drive: Small work in the great work


I think a lot about purpose. If in life, then in work, since much of my day is spent in it.

But what if our day jobs, our small businesses or big businesses, don’t at first glance appear obviously “purposeful”?

I am a freelance writer. I’m not saving puppies or performing heart surgery.

In her essay “The Small Work in the Great Work,”* Reverend Victoria Stafford writes:

“We stand where we will stand, on little plots of ground, where we are maybe ‘called’ to stand (though who knows what that means?) — in our congregations, classrooms, offices, factories, in fields of lettuces and apricots, in hospitals, in prisons (on both sides, at various times, of the gates), in streets, in community groups. And it is sacred ground if we would honor it, if we would bring to it a blessing of sacrifice and risk…”

In doing my job well, however great or small the task, I stand on my “little plot,” — blog post, product flyer, employee newsletter — and honor it by purposefully serving my client through my skill and commitment.

Each Sunday I take a break from marketing to share something inspiring. Pass it on…

*From The Impossible Will Take a Little While: Perseverance and Hope in Troubled Times — an essay collection edited by social activist Paul Loeb

Read more about Stafford and the book at Brain Pickings.


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