Video: Spin sucks, my chat with CEO Gini Dietrich

The first time I experienced a negative reaction to my choice of career in public relations, I was sitting in the doctor’s office awaiting my pain management test.

“So what do you do?” asked the doctor, making friendly chit-chat before hooking me up to a contraption that would test my nerve sensitivity.

“I’m in PR,” I said, more focused on my herniated disc and the machine I imagined could potentially be used in a villain vs. James Bond scene.

“I hate PR,” he said. “Full of liars.”


Should I explain that I worked in PR at the local Christian college? That my background was good, old objective journalism? That I learned my lesson about lying when I was nine and my mom made me go door to door admitting to our neighbors that, no, I hadn’t actually broken my wrist, I just decided to sport the ace bandage for attention?

I tell this story to help explain why I was immediately drawn to the blog Spin Sucks and its online community of marketing and PR folks who also valued integrity in an industry long-plagued by a bad reputation for “spin.”

The leader of this community of “crazies” as she calls them is Gini Dietrich, CEO and founder of Arment Dietrich, a Chicago-based integrated marketing communication firm.

Today I had the honor–really, it is for this solopreneur–of being videotaped for her weekly “inquisition.”

Spin Sucks

If you’re a business looking for incredible expertise or you’re a fellow marketing/PR pro who wants to learn something new everyday and be part of a community that truly believe spin sucks…OR you are just curious about my answers to questions like “What industry trend are you going to try in 2016” and “Name three words used by pirates,” CHECK OUT our video meet up.

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