This really is about you.

Because if my business isn’t about serving my clients, then it doesn’t matter how well I write or how educated or experienced I am.

Most of my clients hire me because they can relate to the following challenges. How about you?

Challenge: Your marketing department is stretched thin and buried under an ever-growing list of projects.

Solution: As a long-time marketing writer, I SO get that dynamic. I also recall the relief I felt when our director would outsource projects and I could focus my energy and efforts on other priorities. Now I thrive in the role of remote team member, helping in-house marcom teams by taking on projects like weekly newsletters, web stories, and magazine profiles.

Like…this article for Illinois Tech magazine

Challenge: Blog? Who has time to blog?

Solution: As a ghostwriter, I take time to understand your vision and your “voice,” (which happens much more seamlessly if you have a good sense of humor). I blog regularly for busy leaders to help build their authority among industry peers and encourage ongoing customer interaction.

Like…a guest post on (Sorry, can’t share a link to my “ghost” blogs.)

Challenge: Your website–or other content–doesn’t engage current customers or entice new ones.

Solution: As a consultant, I’ll review and provide an overall assessment of your current website copy, or other marketing and publication content, to help you more effectively communicate the unique value of your business to customers and prospects. I can also roll up my sleeves and rewrite/write the web copy that accomplishes that.

Like…turning highly technical information into web copy 

Now…About me…

The day my dad pulled up in the driveway in his new pick up truck with the beautifully scripted words Colby & Son Construction custom-painted on the doors, my 11-year-old entrepreneurial heart about beat out of my bony chest.

Read about that fateful day

Unfortunately, I was not a son, just a scrawny girl who loved to write stories.

What business acumen I had was gained from a few lemonade stands in our suburban subdivision. God knows I stunk at selling band candy door-to-door. (Thankfully, my dad had a weakness for milk chocolate with almonds.)

Oh, the realization that you could build a business doing something you loved that helped people! Little mind blown.

Anyway, here I am years later, scads of journalism and marketing under my “tool” belt, and continually building a business doing something I love that helps people communicate their vision and value through…

Writing, editing and consulting:

For small- to mid-size businesses and corporations

For university and nonprofit marketing departments

For individuals, from authors to COOs

Check out my portfolio page for more writing samples.

Amanda Cleary Eastep








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