Tesser Well

[A version of this post first appeared on my blog Living Between the Lines] This week on Facebook I asked a simple question: What was your favorite childhood book? The response thread was the longest I've ever had on my profile. So, in honor of Children's Book Week, I'm sharing something I wrote after the … Continue reading Tesser Well

So far, so good (said the falling man)

Here’s the joke… An optimist falls off a 10-story building. As he passes the sixth story, someone yells from the window, “How’s it going?” The man yells back, “So far, so good!” This is kind of how it feels after you make a big leap. Like quitting your job. Depending on what “story” you’ve jumped from, the actual landing may look different from what you imagine.

Have you put your stake in the ground?

By Amanda Cleary Eastep “Are you afraid to put your stake in the ground?” Smack in the middle of my biz consultation, advisor Jackie Nagel of Synnovatia stopped me in my wandering tracks. This was my second consultation with Jackie, and she quickly moved to the topic of strategic goal setting. (NOTE: A strategy is NOT … Continue reading Have you put your stake in the ground?

Video: Spin sucks, my chat with CEO Gini Dietrich

The first time I experienced a negative reaction to my choice of career in public relations, I was sitting in the doctor's office awaiting my pain management test. "So what do you do?" asked the doctor, making friendly chit-chat before hooking me up to a contraption that would test my nerve sensitivity. "I'm in PR," I said, … Continue reading Video: Spin sucks, my chat with CEO Gini Dietrich

What Your Purpose Is Not

By Amanda Cleary Eastep Every night I take it to bed with me, wake up with it, and feel it breathing down my neck when I'm not giving enough attention to it. (No, it isn't an overly affectionate labrador.) It's my purpose.   Sometimes purpose manifests itself in different ways throughout our lives and sometimes as one activity that … Continue reading What Your Purpose Is Not